What’s the difference between an independent wedding planner and an on-site coordinator?

When a venue advertises that they have an on-site wedding or event planner, don’t be confused. These professionals are available to assist you with the items that concern their specific location.  On-site coordinators will clarify the venue’s policies and regulations, assist with catering and menu selection, as well as discuss your payment options.  On the day of the event, they are not required to manage your event and in some cases will not be here through the duration.

What option works best for you on your special day? Let’s review the potential contrast between independent planners and on-site wedding planners.

Independent wedding planners can perform some of the following duties:

  • Connects you with experienced event professionals and lead your vendor team 
  • Create detailed timelines for the wedding day
  • Coordinate your wedding rehearsal and wedding day overseeing the processional, timing, logistics, setup, décor placement, and clean-up
  • Venue selection, budget planning, overall management of wedding from beginning to end

On-site wedding coordinator

  • Recommends vendors that may have worked at their venue before 
  • Represents the venue at all times.  Their number one goal is to conduct business on behalf of the venue and to protect their interest. Remember that they are employed by the venue and have limits to the help that they can provide.
  • If unexpected circumstances arise during your event, the venue coordinator may not be able to troubleshoot the situation, instead, they will look for you, or the person that you’ve deemed the point of contact to resolve any issues that arise. 

The bottom line it’s your choice as to how you want to handle your wedding day.  There are many little details that can’t be overlooked.  Keep in mind that independent planners can offer you different options and packages that work with your financial comfort zone. If you decide to go with the on-site wedding coordinator be sure that your concerns and wants are made clear to avoid any confusion on your big day.


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