Tips for Summer Entertaining


Memorial Day marks the beginning of the outdoor entertaining season.  I must admit, I’m not an outdoorsy type of gal. But I have a bunch of ideas to help you kick off the Spring and Summer season right!


Plan it Man

Send out your invites as early as possible! At least a month in advance.  The holidays are a busy time for people, and your attendance can suffer if you don’t plan properly.


Keep it Fresh

Make sure you create a menu that can withstand the heat.  If you’re serving cold items such as potato, seafood, or tuna salads, make sure they are being preserved at the right temperature.  Keep chips and pretzels in air-tight containers instead of open bowls.


Throw Some Shade

Pick up a few standing patio umbrellas. This will provide people with some much-needed shade.


Protect Yourself

As Summer rolls in, the bugs come out. Be prepared with citronella candles, fans, and insect repellent.  This combination is almost guaranteed to keep you from being bitten.


Keep it Simple

Aahh…PINTEREST…a friend to all who seek luxurious party décor and ideas. However, it also offers so many options you can quickly feel overwhelmed or intimidated.  Trust me, play it simple! Nobody wants to be greeted by a grumpy or tired host.  Family, friends, and good food and drink are all you need to entertain this Summer.  Enjoy!


Remember, never miss an opportunity to celebrate!