Tips for Choosing a Venue

What does your dream wedding look like? What’s your style? When choosing a venue it’s best to have a plan. Stick to your vision and your style. If you have been dreaming of getting married in front of a water feature such as a fountain or pond then go for it! 

If you are looking for a garden-style wedding venue you would be looking for a beautiful outdoor space such as a garden or winery. Make sure your venue is not only beautiful but also functional for the ceremony and reception you’re planning on having.  

Here a couple of questions to ask yourself as you search for your venue: 

Does the venue fit my budget?

Are the ceremony and reception taking place in the same space? Can the venue accommodate both?

Can the venue accommodate the number of guests I plan on having? 

Do I have to use the in-house caterer?

Tip: if you’re having a hard time finding a place that incorporates all of your ideas, consult a planner.  There is always a way to create the look that you’re going for and a good planner can help you create the look you’re going for.

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate!