Small touches

Your big day is finally here! Although there is much excitement surrounding the day, never forget to take special care of the guests you’ve invited to help you celebrate.

Let’s focus on the things that will increase our guest’s comfort:

Have drinks waiting as guests enter the reception or event space

Hot cider would work well for a fall or winter wedding. Sparkling water or a specialty cocktail with fresh fruit would work perfectly for a summer or spring wedding.

Coat check 

I cannot express how important it is to have a designated place for guests to drop their coats and umbrellas. If you’re wedding is being held during those tricky weather months, this is a MUST. You’ve spent time decoration and adoring your venue to fit your specific vision, don’t let coats on the back of chairs ruin your esthetic. Some guests may be coming from the airport or train, make them feel comfortable by not having them worry about their belongings while enjoying your celebration.


Make sure guests aren’t overwhelmed by the music that is too abrasive. If the music is too loud, guests have to shout to be heard. Ask the entertainment or DJ to do a soundcheck before the start of the event to make sure the music is at a comfortable level.

Additional advice 

Be sure to ask about any special accommodations prior to your event. Track those requests carefully so that every reasonable request is made before the guest’s arrival.

Let me know if you have other suggestions below.

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate


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