6 Tips for Outdoor Weddings


June through September are not only considered to be summer months, but it’s also a popular time to plan a wedding. 

If you’re planning on getting married during the summer months, here are a few tips to keep yourselves and your guests comfortable:

  1. Summer-themed give-a-ways – neatly display parasols, sunglasses, and personalized bottles of water for your guests to keep cool during the ceremony.
  2. Keep your menu light and airy –offer grilled fish and chicken options and lots of fruit. If you’re working with a caterer, let them know what you’re trying to achieve, and they should be able to make it happen.
  3. Set-up a relief station – provide fans, sunscreen, bug spray, and hand sanitizer for your guests. Make it visible so they know that the products have been expressly set out for them.  Add a cute custom sign to give it some edge.
  4. Incorporate fresh fruit in your décor – display open pineapples and oranges. Throw some cherries and berries in the mix to add more color.
  5. Create a cozy lounge – when it’s hot, you naturally want to lounge around. Create an area with lots of large umbrellas and cushy sofas.
  6. Offer icy treats – mixed frozen drinks, push pop style desserts, ice cream station!

Whatever it takes to keep you and your guests happy is what you should focus on. If you have more suggestions, let me know in the comments!

As always, never miss an opportunity to celebrate!