I love fall!!!!!

What should you know about me?  I absolutely positively LOVE FALL!!!

My birthday is in late November and it’s just starting to get chilly enough to wear a moto jacket and scarf.  There is just something about the slight chill in the air and the falling leaves that just take me to my happy place.

Here are my top five favorite things about fall 

5. Homemade air freshener – simmer some cinnamon sticks, apple peels, organ rinds, and a whole clove to create a delicious aroma in your home.  I mean if fall had a smell it would be this right?

4. Let the cold air in – I love to open up the windows and let the fresh air in. I’m usually coupling this with hanging the fall wreath on the door and having a bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup

3. No more bugs – gone are the mosquitoes and bees, and everything else that creeps and crawls in the sticky heat.  

2. Football– I am a devoted Washington Football fan!!!  You can not talk to me on Sunday’s it’s a personal rule 😂. Wings, chips, and dip stay on the Sunday menu and you can expect lots of screaming and shouting because why not, they need to feel my support obviously.

and my top favorite thing about fall……..

1. Fall Clothes – I feel so creative with my fashion choices in the fall.  You can’t go wrong with a simple sweater, jeans, and boots! Colorful thermal shirts paired with a puffy vest, or a super cute sweater dress❤️❤️❤️❤️.

So there you have it, you now know my happy place is fall.

What’s your favorite?  Let me know below.

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate!



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