7 cost saving ways to expand your wedding budget

7 cost-saving ways to maximize your wedding budget

 Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  But does it have to be the most costly? To maximize those coins, let’s focus on the elements and details that are the most important to you.  Here are a few cost-saving tips to guide you as you plan.

  1. Move the flowers – talk to your florist or designer about repurposing the ceremony’s florals into the reception.
  2. Pick a nontraditional day to get married –  everybody wants to get married on a Saturday. Wouldn’t it be different to get married on a Friday night or Sunday instead?  Not only is it a break from the norm, but you can also save a tremendous amount of money doing so.
  3. Favors are optional – I mean, come on, you are paying for them to eat, isn’t that thank you enough?😂😂 Okay, seriously, you don’t have to offer a giveaway or favor.  It’s a nice touch, but if you’re watching your budget, this should be the first item you cut.
  4. Lose the programs – again, at an additional $500, do you really need a printed schedule at your wedding ceremony?  This is a fading tradition that was mostly seen when ceremonies were being held at a church.  
  5. Let them eat pancakes – gone are the days of traditional menus.  Couples are opting to serve the foods that they love to eat versus the traditional plated meal.  Wouldnt it be fun to have a brunch menu instead?  Omelet station, pancake/waffle bar, hello mimosas. Honestly, give our menu some thought; food is one of the most significant wedding expenses.
  6. Lose the limo – I can see you rolling your eyes but think about it; what about a couple of luxury sedans instead of limousines? It could save you a couple of hundred dollars.
  7. Order two cakes – wedding cakes can be expensive!  A simple solution would be to order the cake of your dreams for that ceremonial first slice, and you can then have that cake served to your wedding party as well.   Have the bakery make a sheet cake that can be cut and preset for your guests. Another idea is to have an assortment of desserts placed at each table, and guests can serve themselves.  

The bottom line is to pick the details of your wedding day that are the most important to you.  Splurge on the non-negotiables hose things if you want. 

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