My name is Lisa Sellman and I love planning events.  I also like to laugh and watch comedy movies, but that’s a story for another time.  I enjoy crafting and incorporating custom pieces, and décor items, into each event that I plan giving a unique touch. Everybody can have the party they dream of if you have the right creative people around you to make it happen.  The first event I was asked to plan was a baby shower. While I was preparing for and planning that event I lost all of my original designs, decorations, and crafts in a house fire.  Did that stop me?  NOPE!  I had to recreate the whole event from scratch. The event went on to be successful and since that day I knew this was the career I’d have forever.  With over 14 years of experience managing and planning events from the Kennedy Center Honors Dinner to President Obama’s speech on the Middle East, I am now the proud owner of Buzz Worthy Events Inc. where I am constantly finding new trends, and exploring new ways to bring excitement to each event that I plan.

The motto I live by every single day, “never miss an opportunity to celebrate!”