2017 Wedding Dress Trends

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I can remember my friend Michelle telling me that when she got married she wanted to wear a red wedding dress.  I looked at her like she was nuts.  How can you stray from tradition? Your mom is going to have your head if you do that! Keep in mind we were about 15 years old at the time (lol).  When she married Jacob she wore an A-line off white dress with a small train.  I can’t help but think about my childhood friend today as I write this because guess what’s trending this year? 

Colorful wedding gown: The overall trend for 2017  is to add a splash of color to your wedding and it’s decor and wedding dresses are just the splash of color we need.  This is probably one of my favorite trends this year because it’s an individual choice and possibilities are endless.

The bows are back! – When I think bows I think 80’s.  There is no denying the way designers used bows on this year’s fashions. 

The cold shoulder – Off the shoulder gowns are really the talk of the town this year so go ahead and bear those shoulders!

Honestly, you can follow whatever trend you like or no trend at all.  Go bold with color or keep it simple and elegant.  It’s really all about you and what look you’re trying to achieve, it also depends on the mood and overall style of your wedding.  Whatever  you pick just make sure you’re happy!  For more information and even more trends check out www.Brides.com

As always never miss an opportunity to celebrate!


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